This is a website to just have fun!

Brand new contest!

Ok this is the beat contest! Whoever can make me a nice rap beat for free with easy download wins and autographed t-shirt from Justin Timberlake! the beat has to be 2 minutes and cant be more than 2:30 minutes thank you!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Its my Birthday June 9th Baby!!! WHOA!!! So i have a new contest for everyone! So its my birthday and everyone keeps telling me Happy Birthday! Thank yoy so much and sence you cant give me a phone then please join my website thats a birthday present i want! I want to get a lot of members baby! So then at the end of the year All the new members i get will get a shoutout on the website on twitter and on Yahoo! Plus They tell me who thier favorite idol is and i will give them thier idols Fan mail Address! And Email Address!!! So if you have a friend thats obseesed with thier idol tell them to join this site and why! No lie!!! I sware! So again thank you and Happy Birthday To me!!!

CONTEST!!! Time again!!!

Go Katie Marks the winner from last time! But now its time for a new one!!! Ok so the rule is what you gotta do is: Make a video on youtube explaining why you like Justin Bieber and then why you like me: Lilmar and compare me and Justin together also in the video at the end you have to say I love !!! And all videos have to be titled Lilmars New Video Contest! And in the video say your name and your name on the website (your username)! Got it and you have till Friday to do this but: the PRIZE!!! is Any famous stars fan mail address and email address just tell me witch one once i say you won and ill get it for you i have all of them also ill give you the website to go to to get the fan mail address, I put your vid on this website, You get massive shoutout on everywebsite i know including this one, i will say anything you want me to say on here! And once you make the video, send me the URL to k! Tools you will need: Webcam, Email, Brain, Thinking Brain in your head!  Good Luck!

New contest Monday-Friday

Congradulations Katie Marks also i will announce the new contest on Monday and i will pick the winner on Friday!


Ok we have a winner who is Katie Marks out of 1,000,000 videos yours was the best so everyone check out this video Thanks Katie!!!


Ok the contest last week was cancled cuz only 1 person entered and i didnt have eunogh members but heres a new contest! Send me a funny vid at or tweet it at or or and i will pick the best one then i will put it on this website in Home, News, Videos, Contest, Blog,ECT! So send me a vid and i will chose the funnyest one!


Ok the next contest will be like send me a message at and say like "The Contest!" and ill put your name in a hat and on friday ill pull one out and give you a shoutout on This website, Yahoo, Youtube, Twitter, Formspring,ECT if you have one!


The winner of the contest is Hannah Finntey! Congadualations Hannah! Also the next contest will probly be on Monday!

My first Contest!!!

Ok if you know the answer you can either E-Mail me at or call me at 1 253 301 3116 or tweet me at or send me a message on ok here is the question! Its like a brain twisster:    A cowboy goes into town on Friday and he stays for 3 days and leaves on Friday! How did he do it?                       I know its a hard one! Lol! Good Luck!!!

New contests!!!

Ok we are going to start doing contests!!! My first contest will probly be in the calendar so keep staying tuned!