This is a website to just have fun!


Thanks Makhi Montgomery for joining!

New Member!

A big Thanks to Lea Wilson a new member who joined!

Harrison Wood

Harrison Wood from Kube 93.3 Seattle Tacoma hits in hiphop is going to join this site and do a interview for us!


Hey sorry i havent been on in a while I just got Enrolled with JRP ( John Roberts Powers ) in seattle its a acting school!


Go into home and see how im doing!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to to me and go into Contest!!! to see the new contest!

New contest time!!!

Go Katie Marks the winner of the last contest! But now a new contest ok the rules are: You make a video on youtube explaining why you like Justin Bieber and then explain why you like me and then compare me and JB together and at the end of the vid say I love !!! Tools you will need: Webcam, Your Brain! Good Luck!!!


Hey we have a WINNER for my contest who is Katie Marks congrats out of 1,000,000 videos yours was the best so now everyone check out this video


Ok the last contest was cancled because no one entered and i didnt have enough memebers but heres a new contest ok send me a funny vid at or or or ok and i will pick the funnyest vid and put it on this website in HOME, NEWS, VIDEOS, BLOG, CONTEST!!!,ECT!!!!

The next contest!

The next contest will be this Monday!

Back from School!

Hey guys im back from school (Really Boring) and i wont make any more blogs unless there in portant and make sure you go to the News box because there is going to be something cool!

Doctor :(

Ok right now i would be at school but i had a doctor appointment so im going late to school at 11:25 AM so ill tell you what happened at school when i get back!

My first BLOG!!!

Ok im going to make Blogs like about what happens at school or just fun stuff or when fun stuff is about to happen!