This is a website to just have fun!

First Video!!!

2/17/2012 I did the Cinnamon Challenge LOL! Also shoutout to the new member! ThekidInTheClass shout-out!


New Member!

SHOUTOUT 2 lola87 for joinin! THANKS!


WOOO!!! I finally got access back to my website! So sign up!


Sorry its been a while but yup IM BACK!


Thanks to Makhi Montgomery for joining!

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I want to give a warm welcome to our newest members Harrison Wood and Lea Wilson Thanks for joining!

Harrison Wood

Harrison Wood from Kube 93.3 Seattle Tacoma hits in hiphop Is going to join this site and do a interview for us!


Hey i just got Enrolled with John Robert Powers Its a Acting School in Seattle so youll se me in movies and stuff!

Famous actor!

WHOAHOW! Im 2 out of 10 the way there of being a famous actor! Yup no lie im going to be in a movie! YAYAYAY!!! Its called Moneyball! There will be famous people in the movie too! Im exited to check it out and look for the face that you see on the sides! Thanks! Bye!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Happy birthday to me! And go to CONTEST!!! to see the new birthday contest!


Go into Contest!!! Right now to get the rules!!!


New contest comin up Monday and winner on Friday!


We have a winner for the contest!!! The winner is Katie Marks thank you Katie for entering out of all 1,000,000 of videos Katie you won!!! And you sent in the best video so i want everyone to press this link and watch the video!!! WATCH the vid now!!!

New contest!

Ok the last contest was cancled because no one entered and i didnt have enough memebers but i have a new contest! Ok send me a funny vid at or or or and i will pickthe funnyest vid and put it in a lot of the places on the website like Home, News, Videos, Blog, Contest,ECT!!!


Sorry the contest for this week has been cancled cause no one entered i will do one later when i get more members sorry and sorry i havent been on in a long time! Well what website hooks you up? thats right baby!


Ok the next contest will be a drawing! Send me a message at and say like The Contest! and i will put your name in the drawing and onm Friday ill pull one out and give you a shoutout on the website, Twitter, Yahoo, Formspring, Youtube, ECT! Good Luck!


The winner of the contest is Hannah Finntey! Congradualations Hannah! ALso there will be another contest probly on Monday!

The Prize!

Also the Prize for my first contest in the Contest!!! box will be one shoutout everyday for one week on twitter (If you have one) one shoutout on the website one shoutout of if you have one and one shoutout on youtube if you have one! Well good Luck!


Go into the Contest box i made my first contest and its hard! Good Luck!!!

Hello World!!!

Hello world i just wanted to make a website for Videos, Pictures, ECT!!! So have fun and be creative! I am 9 years old and i like Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne! And the New Boyz and Michael Jackson! So enjoy and stay tuned!

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